Drawing Showing Female Age ProgressionThe Ogee curve is a double S-shaped curvature along the cheeks that gives the face contour and dimension. It is best appreciated when looking at a patient’s cheek from a 45 ° angle. Younger women have a wide and extensive Ogee curve, which enhances their appearance and gives the upper and mid-face fullness and width. With age, the size of the curve diminishes leaving patients with flat cheeks and a lack of contour to the face. This is due in part to bone loss in the face as well as loss of volume in the deep fat compartments in the face. Patients will usually state that their faces are sagging.

A key goal in treating patients with cheek volume loss is to restore a wide Ogee curve to the mid-face. This helps to relieve skin droop particularly in the smile lines and restore a more youthful anatomy. If you notice any wrinkles along the curve, Botox can be used to treat these fine lines.   

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