Black Haired Green Eyed Model With Serious FaceDr. Manios sees many patients every year who want help with their signs of aging, but don’t necessarily want to go under the knife and have a facelift. So, what are you to do? Wait until your lines and wrinkles are so bad you have no other choice but to have plastic surgery? Absolutely not! Dr. Manios can help many of his Pleasanton patients look younger by providing them with carefully placed Botox injections. If you want to have a bit of a refresher, call Dr. Manios today to set up a Botox consultation.

Make Some Non-Surgical Cosmetic Improvements

For men and women who need an answer to their fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes, nose, and mouth, Dr. Manios has just the solution – Botox. When Botox is injected into the muscles near the wrinkles, they are prevented from contracting. It’s when the muscles contract that wrinkles are formed. After years and years of contracting, the skin above those muscles begins to take shape and show signs of wrinkles left behind after thousands of smiles, laughs, and frowns. By starting now, Botox can help you avoid the need for a facelift for years.

How Does Botox Work?

After years of making facial expressions such as frowning, squinting, or raising your eyebrows, your skin will begin to show wrinkles and lines. By injecting Botox near these specific areas that are prone to wrinkles, Dr. Manios can help smooth the facial appearance of his Pleasanton patients in a quick office visit. Botox is FDA-approved to treat:

  • Crow’s Feet: The pesky lines that form near the outer corners of the eyes. They get their name from their resemblance of a bird’s foot and are often some of the first signs Pleasanton men and women experience in the aging process.
  • Frown Lines: We all know that there are moments in life that put a frown on your face. Sometimes that frown comes with a furrow of the brow as well. After experiencing the ups and downs of life, these movements can cause the area between your eyes to show lines. Botox injections can help prevent these lines from becoming permanent.
  • Forehead Lines: After years of wearing your thoughts on your face, horizontal lines will begin to appear on your forehead. As with the other types of lines and wrinkles we’ve mentioned above, forehead lines can become deeper and permanent over time. But with Botox, Dr. Manios can soften these lines and give you a refreshed and younger appearance.

Call Dr. Manios To Find Out If Botox Is Right For You

If you want a younger and refreshed facial appearance, don’t assume your only option is a facelift. Call Dr. Manios today in his Pleasanton office to schedule a consultation to discuss how Botox can be an affordable alternative to plastic surgery.

Once he examines your face, he will be able to tell you how this quick and easy alternative could be just what you need. Call him today at (925) 989-6560.

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