Middle Aged Female With Hand On NeckDr. Manios will spend extensive time during your consultation to discuss your goals and evaluate your needs so that he may determine the best approach to your care. As part of your treatment plan, he may recommend one or several JUVÉDERM® facial fillers. The most common products he uses in his practice are Ultra XC, Ultra Plus XC, VOLBELLA®, VOLUMA®, and VOLLURE™.

JUVÉDERM’s fillers are temporary treatments that can erase lines and wrinkles, restore fullness to your features, and return youthfulness to your appearance. Each offers Pleasanton patients different advantages. Typically, Dr. Manios determines which product to use based on its duration and thickness. Learn more about why these factors matter and how the options compare to one another.


All of JUVÉDERM’s fillers include hyaluronic acid, that your body naturally produces and which encourages volume and hydration in your skin. However, VOLBELLA®, VOLUMA®, and VOLLURE™—the “V” fillers—use VYCROSS®, a technology that creates more crosslinks between the strands of hyaluronic acid. This advance offers Pleasanton patients two significant benefits:

  • Products with VYCROSS last longer because your body needs more time to break them down.
  • “V” fillers tend to be smoother and cause less swelling than Ultra products.

VYCROSS, VOLUMA, and VOLLURE can give you improvement that lasts as long as two years. Ultra, Ultra Plus, and VOLBELLA tend to last around one year. VOLBELLA is the exception because the manufacturer designed it to be the smoothest gel possible, improving its aesthetic effect but limiting its durability.

JUVÉDERM products with a longer duration allow you to enjoy the benefits of treatment for many more months without additional injections. The drawback is that these products may cost more, so you may want to discuss your budget as part of the initial consultation.


Dr. Manios uses different JUVÉDERM products to treat different areas of the face in part because of the thickness of each filler:

  • He typically chooses Ultra for Pleasanton patients who need mild volume correction, want a small degree of lip augmentation, or have slight marionette lines.
  • JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus is the “workhorse” of the one-year fillers. A versatile and robust product, it’s 20% thicker than Ultra. Dr. Manios uses Ultra Plus to restore volume to the temples and cheeks and to address signs of aging such as malar splits, marionette lines, and deep nasolabial folds.
  • Manios will typically choose JUVÉDERM’s VYCROSS products for Pleasanton patients whose features might look overfilled or swollen with Ultra or Ultra Plus.

“V” fillers are ideal for treating sensitive areas, such as beneath the eyes or in the tear troughs. They also offer subtle, natural-looking fullness that smoothly blends with your facial features. Dr. Manios often uses VOLLURE to soften parentheses lines and wrinkles, VOLUMA for rejuvenating and re-contouring the cheeks, and VOLBELLA for lip augmentation and vertical lip lines. He can discuss whether these products or the ULTRA line are more suitable for your needs during your consultation.

Explore your options with JUVÉDERM by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Manios. Pleasanton patients can reach his practice online or by phone at (925) 989-6560.

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