Asian American Model Touching Forehead and Chin With HandsThanks to social media and a Kardashian or two, lip injections have become increasingly popular among women in Walnut Creek. And we’re not surprised by this at all! Lip injections give women a perfectly kissable pout with little to no downtime, or pain, so why not jump on the dermal filler bandwagon? Dr. Manios knows that each woman wants different things when seeking out lip injections. Some want their lips to look younger, while others want their lips to steal the show. Whatever your goal, Dr. Manios can provide amazing results with Juvederm Ultra XC, which is his filler of choice for most lip injection patients.              

While we know your lip injections are for you so that you can be more satisfied with your overall appearance, we also know many women want to make sure their lips still feel real when they are kissing their significant other. That’s a totally reasonable concern. No one wants a beautiful set of lips if they don’t feel real when you kiss your partner. That would be a big bummer. We’re here to help by explaining what you can expect after you receive lip injections from Dr. Manios in Walnut Creek.

The “Deets” On Lip Injections

Lip injections are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures Dr. Manios performs for women in the Walnut Creek area. There are many different filler options on the market, but Dr. Manios uses Juvederm Ultra XC for most of his patients. This product is made up of hyaluronic acid and provides long-lasting results for his patients. By adding shape, structure, and volume, it is certainly one of the most natural-feeling lip injection options available, and it gives women kissable lips that won’t scare off their partner.

Kissable Lips

Many women who visit Dr. Manios want to know how long they’ll have to wait before they can try out their new lips by kissing their loved one. After all, who wants a beautiful, full pout that can’t be used? While you may experience some minor pain and swelling after receiving your lip injections, you won’t be banned from kissing for any period of time – though you may not feel like kissing anyone for several hours. Dr. Manios does recommend that his patients avoid aggressive kissing for 24-48 hours after their injections to allow time for the filler to settle in and get comfortable with your lip tissue. However, a quick peck here and there right after your lip injections won’t alter your results.

Call Dr. Manios Today To Schedule Your First Lip Injections

Dr. Manios has 10 years of experience providing women in Walnut Creek with beautiful aesthetic results using dermal fillers. Why wait to have the lips you’ve been longing for? Especially now that you know that your lips will still be utterly kissable after you have lip injections.

There’s no reason to wait. Call Dr. Manios today at (925) 989-6560 to schedule your first appointment for lip injections.

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