Botox PleasantonPreventative Botox has become super popular lately, and for good reason. Getting ahead of the game on aging makes sense to Pleasanton residents! Why wait to have Botox until AFTER you’ve started to show signs of aging? If you’re in your early 30s, you might be wondering how often you’ll have to receive Botox in order to stay looking young. Well, Dr. Manios has a few things to say about just that, so keep reading.

But First, What Does Botox Do?

Botox is a facial injection that Pleasanton men and women can receive to treat their fine lines and wrinkles. When injected, it reduces the muscle activity around specific trouble spots and smooths the appearance of those pesky telltale signs of aging.

Botox is FDA-approved, safe, and has a very low risk of complications. The most frequent minor side effect people experienced is temporary redness at the injection site. And while Botox provides amazing results, it’s important to note that it is only a temporary solution and will not stop the process of aging. In order to continue to benefit from its effects, Dr. Manios recommends his patients visit him every three to six months for touch-up injections.

Preventative Botox In Your Early 30s

Men and women in Pleasanton who are in their early 30s and have the first tiny signs of aging, usually want to use Botox as a preventative measure to avoid deep lines and wrinkles for as long as possible. Knowing how often you should receive preventative Botox does not come with a one size fits all solution. The factors that determine the frequency of your visits are:

  • Your Skin Type. Your skin’s texture, color, and tone all affect how frequently you will need, or can have During your consultation with Dr. Manios, he will be able to examine your face and make his recommendations with your skin type in mind.
  • Your Skin Condition. How your skin initially appears during your exam at Dr. Manios will determine how frequently you will need Botox. If you present with just a few, minor wrinkles, you won’t need Botox as often as someone who has more defined wrinkles.
  • Your Lifestyle. How you have lived your life plays a huge role in how often you will need Botox. If you’ve been a smoker for years, and continue to smoke, the success of your Botox injections will be affected, and you will need injections more frequently.
  • The Amount Of Botox You Receive. How much Botox is used to treat your trouble spots will determine how frequently you will need injections as well. When you first start receiving Botox, you will likely need to return for more injections sooner than you will as time goes on. This is because Dr. Manios will be able to “learn your skin” after the first injection. He will know how your body will handle the injections and when you return for touch-ups, he will better know how much Botox to use to provide you with longer-lasting results.

Call Dr. Manios Today In His Pleasanton Office

To get started with Botox treatments, and for a personalized treatment plan, call Dr. Manios today to schedule a consultation. After he fully examines your face and hears from you what your aesthetic goals are, he will be able to fully determine the best course of action for your anti-aging needs.

You can reach a member of his friendly team today in Pleasanton by calling (925) 989-6560.

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