I am very happy with Dr. Christopher Manios. I’ve been a patient of his for the past 4 years. I’ve been getting my cheeks injected and Botox for over 10 years. In my early 30’s my cheek fat-pads began to separate and i had a shadow line that was visible and i hated it. It aged me! The best results I’ve had have been with him. He gave me a comprehensive consultation, we discussed realistic expectations to meet my treatment goals. He uses the best and #1 products on the market Voluma and Juvederm. My cheekbones are more defined and i have a volume in the right places that look natural. He He’s an awesome lip injector using juvederm! My lips have a sexy pout that looks natural. I’ve referred friends and family and all are very happy. I like the fact that he specializes in Botox and fillers. I also get botox treatments too. I am very happy with my results and i get consistent results, always! I get injected in my frown line, crows feet and forehead. Not to mention he is very smart and is a cool Doctor! You can even text him. That’s good service. I highly recommend him.

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