Close Up of Mouth Depicting Names of Areas Around LipsLip augmentation is becoming a very common treatment area for facial rejuvenation. Several Hollywood celebrities have popularized this procedure and now have a thicker, more lush, and fuller lip. The goal of this therapy is to enhance the lips without the appearance of a “ducky” look.

There are several anatomical aspects to address when enhancing the lips. The first is the red area, or tubercle, of the lip itself. Injecting in this area helps to add volume to the lip thereby increasing its thickness. Second is the vermillion border, which is the area where the tubercle meets the skin. Enhancing the border helps to evert the lip and gives the lip a greater pout. Third is the area at the corners of lip, or oral commissure. In patients with a down turned lip at the corners, injecting at this anatomic area augments soft tissue support and straightens the corners of the mouth. Fourth is the Cupid’s bow, which has a highly variable appearance from one patient to another. Reinforcing the bow also augments the pout that patients desire post-procedure. The fifth anatomical area is the philtrum. This is vertical grove in the middle of the upper lip. The philtrum helps to give definition to the Cupid’s bow by helping to elevate the middle of the upper lip. Therefore, injecting in this area can help accentuate the pout. In addition, both upper and lower lips require injections to maintain a lip balance ratio 1:1.2, respectively. Therefore, injecting only the upper lip will leave the lip unbalanced and could result in the upper lip resting over the lower lip, leaving a “ducky” appearance.

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Juvederm Ultra is the preferred way to enhance the lips. Results last up to one year and leave a natural result. The most common side effect is bruising given the numerous blood vessels in this area. Usually the bruising lasts no longer than one week. Most patients experience swelling from this procedure, which also resolves in one week. Patients are all anesthetized via a dental block to ensure patient comfort and are told to apply ice to the lips to help control swelling. Patients should expect the results to last between nine months to one year.

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