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As you age, you may notice that your face no longer has the same youthful contour and fullness. You may also find that your features rest lower on your face than in earlier years. Treatment with cheek fillers can subtly enhance the area in and around your cheeks and make a substantial difference in your appearance.

Dr. Christopher Manios uses cheek fillers to give Danville patients significant improvement without surgery or downtime. A surgeon with training from Harvard University, he has spent his career focused on facial rejuvenation through injectable solutions.

Dr. Manios designed his practice from the ground-up to prioritize high-quality outcomes and excellent care. As a patient, you can expect an extensive consultation, personalized treatment, and a transparent, supportive, and effective experience.

The Benefits of Cheek Fillers

The mid-face—the area under your eyes and above your mouth—includes deep compartments of fat, which help determine the structure and appearance of your face. Aging results in volume loss and cause the cheeks to fall closer to the mouth and nose. They can also lead to a division between the planes of fat that lie under the skin. As a result:

  • Smile lines may become deeper and more pronounced.
  • You may develop a more noticeable transition between the mid-face and lower face.
  • The cheekbones may appear thinner or less prominent.
  • Your cheek may form a malar split: a visible diagonal line that runs from the tear duct outward.

Treatment with cheek fillers can help Danville patients improve each of these concerns. The dermal fillers that Dr. Manios uses will add volume and structure and can last up to two years.

Dr. Manios’s Approach with Cheek Fillers

In the past, aesthetic providers who offered cheek fillers would typically add fullness below the eyes only. This technique helped create “apple”-shaped cheeks, that tended to deepen smile lines and made the patient’s eyes appear smaller and sunken.

Through advanced training and ongoing skill development, Dr. Manios has been able to introduce patients to a more modern and effective technique. His approach is based on the Ogee curve: the double S-shaped curvature that gives the face dimension. Over time, this curve may diminish, leaving patients with flatter cheeks and a less contoured appearance. Dr. Manios uses cheek fillers to restore this curve for Danville patients.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Manios will review your features from several angles to evaluate your Ogee curve. If you are a good candidate for cheek fillers, he will discuss the treatment, answer any questions you have, and develop a plan suited to your needs and goals.

What You Can Expect with Cheek Fillers

Dr. Manios typically uses JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC for patients who require cheek filler. VOLUMA is the highest-recommended dermal filler for the mid-face and the only FDA-approved filler for cheek augmentation. The product makes use of hyaluronic acid cross-linking, which increase the longevity of its effects. As a result, you can anticipate up to two years of improvement following treatment.

Danville patients may receive treatment with cheek fillers on the same day as their initial consultation. One month after the visit, Dr. Manios will invite them back to his office for a reassessment. Some patients may benefit from a follow-up treatment to add volume to the medial cheek or to eliminate the appearance of a malor split.

Treatment with cheek fillers is non-surgical, and most patients find it very tolerable. As a result, you should be able to enjoy the results of care with no downtime and for years to come.

If you have noticed signs of aging in the mid-face or pronounced smile lines, you may be a good candidate for treatment with cheek fillers. Danville patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Manios online or by phone at (925) 989-6560.

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